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Light Aura.

Light is one of the branches of Magic that must be taught. It is a very hard form of magic to use and can lead to

the user if used incorrectly to view themselves as right no matter what they do. Light magic can be used for healing, creating powerful wards and explosive balls of light.

Combinations: Edit

Fire: Rebirth is a type of fire that does not destroy but heals. It can spread healing anything it touches, however it is incredibly draining.

Water: Holy water is a form of water that is very effective against dark creatures. It can cause serious burns to creatures or people who belong to the Dark

Earth: Life, the ability to breath life onto corrupted grounds and heal your fellow comrades.

Air: Lightening, the ability to call forth a holy bolt of lighting to smite down your foe.

Aether: Angelic Accention. The ability to temporarily turn into an Angel increasing strength, speed and endurance. If this form is stayed in for too long the person can suffer from Judgement, it makes the person see the bad in everyone and deem them un worthy of life. This can happen to people who have made the Bargain.

The Bargain: It is a bargain made with G.O.D that increases the users strength, speed and endurance in exchange for their soul when they die. This makes it impossible for them to be resurrected.

Other Facts: Edit

The Deity of Light is G.O.D the elementals of Light are Angels.

Known Users of Ligh: The Mage