Fire is one of the branches of Magic you can choose to have. Fire is the ability to conjure and control fire. It is generally used for combat


Standard Magic fire

but it can be used for defence. It tends to come from a memory, it can either be a happy or angry memory but which one you chose will effect the flame. A happy memory will make it easier to control and it will burn a golden colour. An angry memory will make it more destructive and harder to control.

Combinations: Fire can be combined with other elements to have incredible effect.

Water: Steam, steam is the ability to blast scolding air at your opponent or hide in it with a surprise attack.

Earth: Magma, molten rock. A lot harder to control but can have devastating effects allowing you to melt most things.

Air: Heat, the ability to send powerful blasts of heat that can burn flesh, and other materials.

Aether: Phoenix regeneration the ability to burn wounds closed leaving no scars.

Must be taught: Edit

Dark: Hellfire, is a dark red flame that can burn and eat away at anything. It is very hard to control and must be taught by someone who knows Dark magic.

Light: Rebirth is a type of fire that does not destroy but heals. It can spread healing anything it touches, however it is incredibly draining.

Other facts Edit

The Deity of Fire is Iasir. The fire elementals are the Dragons.

Known Fire users: Iasir


The Mage