Dark is one of the branches of Magic that must be taught to be used. This is one of the hardest forms of magic to


Dark Magic Circle. This mark has been branded onto the flesh of the people who have made. The Deal.

use and can when used incorrectly it ca corrupt the user turning them into a Dark Sorcerer. It can do anything from summon demons to necromancy to human mutation. It is a horrible form of magic.

Combinations: Edit

Fire: Hellfire, is a dark red flame that can burn and eat away at anything. It is very hard to control and must be taught by someone who knows Dark magic.

Water: Blood is the ability to manipulate the blood in an opponents body, and their own. it is a dangerous form of magic and one of the few that can result in the Casters death.

Earth: Decay, the ability to consume and rot away inanimate and animate objects. Can result in the death of the Caster is used incorrectly.

Air: Illusion magic, the ability to create real life illusions to confuse your enemies or allow you to sneak up on them.

Aether: Demonic decent. The ability to temporary turn into a Demon increasing speed, strength and aggression. Can lead to blood lust a state where the caster will kill anything that moves be it friend of foe. This can happen to people who have made The Deal as well.

The Deal: The deal is a pact with Abaddon that will grant the person who has made the deal increased strength speed and endurance as well as certain dark powers. However this can lead to insanity and Demonic decent. In exchange for all this the person who made the deal will lose their soul upon death making it impossible for them to be resurrected.

Other facts Edit

The Deity of the Dark is Abaddon and the elementals of Dark are Demons.

Known Dark Users: Khorne

The Mage



People who have made The Deal: Shiro