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2063 is a fantasy science fiction role-play set in the year 2064 as a year has passed inside the rp. It is based in the city New London (2) after some catastrophic events that destroyed most of New London. So come and join, there's lots of adventure to be had. If you wish to get into contact with us add us on Skype: xprogabe

Some information:

We do not take any form of credit for all of the pictures on this site, some have been taken from the internet, others have been hand drawn by us. The pictures used are ones that are closest to our mind's view of our characters and creatures. The playable races are: Human, Elsewhere and Elementals.

Welcome to the World

2063 is a fantasy science fiction role-play set in the year of 2063. So let's cut all the jibber jabber and cut straight to the point. Let's get started... Who are you? Simply put you are either: Human, Elemental or elsewhere.

- Humans are rather self explanatory. You would have lived on Earth for your entire life thus far and this could be in any part of the world. However you may want to keep in mind that the role-play is set in London (We may move about depending on what the situation prevents us with.) Since the year 2020 the horrific creatures called Kishins erupted from the Earth seemingly out of no where and certainly without warning. Once here they instantly ran rampant across the world and began destroying and killing everything in sight without remorse. However it is obvious that they are intelligent to some degree as they targeted most of the military bases and nuclear facilities.

- Elementals are extremely new to Earth and come from the magic realm called Thrae. If you choose to play an elemental you will not know much about Earth and so it will be a new experience for you character. However you should note that as an elemental you have to choose the magic your element represents; along with a second one you may choose to combine this with.

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